Librarians’ Top October Read

J M Green’s latest crime thriller, Too Easy, has been voted by our subscribing librarians as their favourite read from our October issue!

On a stormy Halloween night, Stella gets a call from her best friend, Detective Phuong Nguyen. Phuong needs help to find a missing witness who may be able to clear the name of her fiancé, Detective Bruce Copeland.

But Stella will have to head out on to the streets again, into the seedy world of backstreet drug deals, smart-mouthed teenagers and a bikie gang. She soon finds herself out of her depth and in the middle of something much larger than a simple case of missing evidence from a drug bust.

Read our 5 star review of the Australian author’s book.


Congratulations to this month’s winner – Jenny from Campaspe Regional Library in Victoria – who will win two recent releases for voting for her favourite book from the October issue. Happy reading, Jenny!

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