Read the first chapter of ‘Standing Strong’

Bestselling rural writer Fiona McCallum is returning to her smash-hit novel Wattle Creek with the anticipated sequel Standing Strong. Fiona joined us for our cover story, where she told us about the serendipitous events that guided her through nine hard years of writing until she found huge success with a publisher. ‘I have to write,’ Fiona says. ‘I have a desperate need to tell stories.’ Check out our February issue for the full story!
In the meantime, read the blurb for Standing Strong below, or get straight into it and read the first chapter for free.

0416 Standing Strong FC 392 x 600.jpg

Former city girl Jacqueline Havelock, Wattle Creek’s newly arrived psychologist, has settled in to country life and is slowly coming to terms with the town’s quirky ways. Farmer Damien McAllister’s plans with his animal welfare venture are falling into place nicely and it finally feels like he has a future to look forward to.

But everything can change as quickly as the fickle weather – and it does. A fire challenges the community and soon Damien and Jacqueline find themselves in a situation neither had anticipated. But is their growing relationship also under threat?

Although the town comes out in support of their newest resident, is the Wattle Creek community strong enough to stand together and win this David and Goliath battle? And could happily-ever-after still be possible for Damien and Jacqueline?

Read the extract here.

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