Top Review: A Crucible of Souls

A Crucible of SoulsFantasy week is in full swing, and we’re delving into some of the latest books that strive to construct sprawling new worlds filled with formidable and enigmatic characters and dark tendrils of magic. Read on for a five-star review of the Aurealis award-winning novel A Crucible of Souls, and for a chance to win a copy!

A Crucible of Souls by Mitchell Hogan

Caldan is a talented young apprentice at the Monastery of the Seven Paths, but when an accident sends him to the gritty city of Anasoma, he finds that life in the monastery gave him little preparation for the world awaiting him. Searching for answers for the legacy his slain parents bestowed upon him, Caldan is forced to abandon his naïve nature, and soon makes allies, and even friends. After becoming apprenticed to the Guild of Sorcerers, he learns much about the art of crafting—making magical constructs out of various materials, as well as the nature of magic in the world in which he lives. But before long he finds himself brought into an ancient and dangerous conflict that will change the fate of Anasoma.


This is not the standard magical fantasy novel. As you run headfirst into the beginning chapters it seems to be the classic tale of an orphaned boy with mysterious powers, but Hogan has brought a perspective to it that reads like no other. The characters in the streets of Anasoma are so thick with description that you can almost touch them; the story is so mysteriousthat you will be dragged along with no choice but to reach the conclusion; and the magic system is so in-depth and innovative, and has so many surprising revelations, that every description scattered amongst the pages will be awaited with drooling eagerness.

At the end of A Crucible of Souls you will have questions that need answers … and the most pressing one is how soon can I get the sequel?

5 stars – Voyager $24.99 – Review by Stephen Holmes

Read a Q&A with the author here.

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