Flash Fiction from ThrillerEdge

thrilleredgeThrillerEdge is a band of top Australian thriller writers, also known as The Action & Thriller Writer Association of Australia. As well as being bestselling authors and talented screenwriters, some of the members have experience in the military, working in anti-terrorism agencies, and training for the Olympics in marital arts. We caught up with eight of the founding members recently, and fantastic group interview is featured in our August issue.

Check out their website here for more information about the authors and their heart-stopping books: thrilleredge.com

We posed to them a mini thriller-writing challenge, and below are some of their (mostly) exhilarating responses…

An inner-city bus has been hijacked by a masked driver and two henchmen. They’ve strapped a kilo of dynamite to a terrified commuting grandma and are hurtling towards a nearby primary school. Your hero just so happens to be driving alongside the bus and witnesses the whole ordeal. What happens next?

Tony Park (author of The Hunter and creator of leading man Hudson Brand):Hunter

Hudson Brand looked away from the bus and the wild eyed man with the gun and planted his foot on the accelerator of his Discovery.  He shot past the bus, weaving crazily to overtake two more cars and narrowly avoiding a head on with an oncoming taxi.

Brand knew this part of Johannesburg well.  He ran a red light and flinched as he saw, in his rear view mirror, a minibus T-bone a truck at the intersection behind him.  He hoped there were no injuries.  The crash would, hopefully, slow the bus down a little.

Ahead he saw the pedestrian bridge over the main road.  He turned the wheel and the Discovery bounced up over the curb and on to the pavement.  A street vendor selling phone chargers jumped out of the way and yelled abuse at him.  Brand silenced the man by the simple action of getting out of his vehicle, pulling out his nine millimetre Glock and cocking it.  The man backed off.

Brand took the steps leading up to the bridge two at a time.  When he reached the top he looked back up the street.  The bus was hurtling towards him.  Brand tucked his pistol into the waistband of his trousers, in the small of his back.  He climbed over the railing farthest from the oncoming bus.  As the nose of the bus passed under his feet he jumped and landed hard on the roof.

He started to slide.

To be continued…

out-of-exile_coverLuke Preston (author of Out of Exile):

‘I suppose this wouldn’t be such a bad way to die,’ Bishop mumbled to himself.

‘What?’ Said the blonde who he had met two hours earlier at some hipster bar that was full of beards and bad music.

‘Here,’ Bishop said. ‘Take the wheel.’

Before she had any choice in the matter, Bishop had already kicked open the door and was half hanging out of the car.

‘This is going to suck,’ he said.

And then Bishop jumped.

Chris Allen (author of Helldiver):Helldiver

He realizes it’s a Saturday, figures Gran can probably look after herself pretty well, so he finds somewhere to have a drink.

Check out the latest issue of gr for the full interview with the fantastic guys from ThrillerEdge!



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