Best Novel of 2013 – What’s yours?

Vote for 2013 Best Read

What is your top fiction read for 2013?

We want you to tell us which book you enjoyed most during 2013.

Which book moved you, inspired you or transported you to another world more than any other book? To get you started, we’ve created a list of some of our top reads over the past year.

You can choose one of our choices or pick one of your own!

Just send us the title and author and we’ll add the book and your vote!


4 responses to “Best Novel of 2013 – What’s yours?

  1. Ooohhh… I’d have to say ‘Nosebleed’ by Ged Maybury.

    Okay, I may be biased about this one, as I was there on the launch day and he asked me to do a speech for him about the book (and so I got to read it before anyone else out there! 😀 ) but there’s something about that book that really made my year… it’s funny, weird, interesting and very Whovian as well… all wrapped into one thin, strange book.

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