Beautiful Book Covers

I received this lovely letter from a reader this week. She shares my addiction to old books with beautiful covers. I thought I’d share her letter, and have included a picture of some books that inspired her and one of my own.

Hello Rowena,

A little while ago you were writing in your column about collections of special books. I have a little collection that I thought I’d mention. I like to collect ‘small’ books – old, small books. It all started years ago when my father returned to England for a holiday. He came home with a small book he’d found for me in a bookshop in Bath – The Works of Aristotle. From then on, I developed a love of small editions with beautiful covers.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share this with you, and here are the culprits that started it all: the red one is Aristotle and the green one is, as you can see, Don Juan by Lord Byron.

Felicity Magill, Devonport Tas


From Felicity’s library.


A favourite book cover from Rowena's library

A favourite book cover from Rowena’s library

3 responses to “Beautiful Book Covers

  1. I’ve had so many people comment on my book cover – I had nothing to do with it, was all the genius of Random House and their designers – but I’ve been overwhelmed by how many people and booksellers have mentioned the cover, even before they read it.

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