Just started reading …

So, I finished Michael Marshall’s latest book, We Are Here. It did get better, but I have to confess, not better enough for me.

Now I’m reading Daddy’s Gone A-Hunting by the prolific Mary Higgins Clark. When I was just a wee bit younger (well, maybe a lot) I used to love her books. I read all her early works including The Cradle Will Fall, A Stranger is Watching and Loves Music, Loves to Dance. They have short chapters, are punchy, compelling, and you can plough through them, in a good way mind you. It will be interesting to see how her latest one fares after a long break between reading her early books.

Mary Higgins Clark was born in 1929 and she is still writing books, almost one a year for the last 20 or so years. That’s impressive.

Have you read books by this iconic author? If you haven’t then I’d recommend starting with her early stuff.

If you have, which ones, and have you enjoyed them as much as I?

Daddys Gone A Hunting

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