What I’m Reading Now

So I picked up this book called We Are Here by Michael Marshall. It’s funny but I was actually drawn to it by the smooth matt cover that felt good to touch. The blurb on the back got me and Michael Marshall, well, I’d heard good reviews of previous books such as The Straw Men. But I have to say I’m struggling. I’m really not liking it. I don’t think I really want to read it. Every night I crawl into bed and sigh as I pick it up. Then I think, why am I bothering if I don’t like it? Why don’t I find something I want to read? It might just be the wrong book at the wrong moment, or just not something for me but why spend days reading something I’m not enjoying?

I have this strange compulsion to always finish a book. Am I feeling that I should give it its due? After all, the author has gone to a lot of trouble to write it. Am I making sure I’m not missing out on a good ending? Is it just the concept that I was always taught (although have always struggled to live up to), that you should finish everything you start.

Do you do this? Or do you chuck it in if it’s not grabbing you? I know one librarian who has the 200 page rule. If it hasn’t got you by then, that’s when you move on. Actually 200 pages is a long way, maybe it should be 50!

We Are Here

8 responses to “What I’m Reading Now

  1. I do exactly the same thing, and I annoy myself with it. A friend once pointed out that there are so many great books out there, why waste time on the ones you don’t like? But I just can’t bring myself to leave a book unfinished…

  2. Yes my page limit for a new book these days is, 30 – 50 pages. I don’t have the time left anymore to waste reading a book that hasn’t got my full captive attention right from the start. I know there are books out there that take a little while to get up and running as far as story goes, but with limited time, I stick to those books that grab my straight up!

  3. I try not to get the guilts. If you put it on the bottom of the pile and start another, you’ll forget about it after a while.

  4. I definitely put it away…there are so many great books I want to read that I can’t warrant wasting my time on one I’m not enjoying…that’s my opinion anyway 😉 Too many books, too little time!

  5. I have to say, having read (and enjoyed) Michael Marshall’s previous novels, I was somewhat confused by the cover style the publisher chose for this one. It makes the book look like something it is not, at its heart, it is still a crime/thriller and putting a beautifully styled jacket like this on the book gives it appeal to a completely different demographic. Perhaps this is where your lack of enjoyment came from, being drawn to a book by its jacket, sumptuous and rich, tactile and shiny, and expecting the writing and story to match. I havent read this one (yet) but I dont imagine it is far removed from his previous work, fast paced, violent and full of malevolence. I say you have been deceived. But perhaps we all fall victim to judging a book by its cover from time to time. Ditch it and read Burial Rites instead.

  6. I have found this a couple of time. I have put the books aside and read something I really like. Sometimes you have to be in the mood for some books.

  7. Usually I feel compelled to finish but I have given up at the halfway point on occasion. I figure if I am still not interested by then, then I am never going too be

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