Who’s Visited Good Reading?

Here at Good Reading we were lucky enough to have one of our most valued readers recently drop by for home-made muffins (baked in Rowena’s oven, as Merle’s was on the blink), a piece of lemon tart and a cup of tea.

Anne Price is 92 and passionate about books, reading and – luckily for us – gr. She travelled a long way to meet us and we were so pleased she did. Her stories were fascinating: she told us about being related to the Berkelouws (who own a number of bookstores), her life during the war, her travels, teaching and being a mum, which had us all eagerly listening. We are sworn to secrecy on the other stories she shared. Nope, we’re not telling!

We had a great morning and feel very honoured to have met a woman such as Anne. She is formidable, smart, witty, sharp as a tack and fun.

Rowena with Anne after morning tea.

Rowena with Anne after morning tea.

2 responses to “Who’s Visited Good Reading?

  1. How wonderful to think Ann has taken the time to come and meet you all, this is a lovely happy story!

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