Hot Book News

I really enjoyed Bridget Jones’s Diary, and I loved the movie too. I’m not so crash hot on the sequel, but that’s just me. Now Helen Fielding is putting pen to paper (actually more probably like fingers to keyboard) and writing the third in the series. Although we still don’t know a title, rumours have it that it will be released close to Christmas this year.

When 41-year-old professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, Dai Congrong, spent a chunk of her life translating just the first third of James Joyce’s novel Finnegans Wake into Chinese (this took eight years) she did it as a labour of love rather than for financial reward. With phrases such as ‘brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to Howth Castle and Environs’ I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult a task this must have been. But her efforts are being rewarded as it’s hit number two on the bestseller lists in China! Who’d have thought?

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