Biggest book ever?

Is this the biggest book in the world? Well Earth Platinum is certainly the world’s biggest atlas.

The atlas is leather-bound, weighs 200 kg and measures 1.8m x 2.7m. Only 31 copies of the atlas exist, making each one as rare as it is valuable, with a purchase price of $100,000. And if you’d like to see it in the flesh you could visit the World Luxury Expo in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from 10 February.

I have to applaud the publishers, Millennium House, who say that in making the atlas they aim to ‘leave a legacy for future generations, as the atlas shows the world in as much detail as was possible at the time of publication.’ It will certainly be more historically valuable as time goes by. And it was no small feat to create it either as ‘an engineer needed to be consulted to devise a mechanism to assist with the turning of the pages and also give protection to the time-honoured unique bookbinding process which has been used.’ It now holds the Guinness Book of Records for the largest atlas, a record that had stood for over 350 years.

Now, we just need to find a giant sized bookshelf to put it on …

Platinum Atlas

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