Dodgy ceilings, pole dancing and of course books

I read with amusement this morning about a Scottish library that has added pole dancing to its list of events in a bid to entice people back into the library. I think it’s a fun idea and a way to get people fit as well!

You might have wondered why we’ve been so silent. Yes there was Christmas, then New Year, and Australia Day is coming up too, but there was another reason why we have been so quiet. I thought I’d share the letter published in the magazine:

So it’s just before Christmas and I am sitting in my mum’s kitchen, propped up on a stool with my computer hogging the bench space. Baxter is snoring by the back door, oblivious to any goings-on. Usually all of us at gr would be together, working feverishly to finish this issue and preparing for our Christmas break and our return in January. But the gr staff are now spread out all over Sydney, working from home in fits and starts, just barely keeping us ticking along. Why? Well, it started when we returned to our office after the weekend. We discovered that mammoth chunks of concrete surrounding a metal ceiling joist had parted from the ceiling and crashed down upon furniture and the floor. We looked in shock at cracked and smashed furniture, plant pots split jaggedly in half and concrete blocks over three inches thick lying across desks and the floor. At that point we immediately backed out, taking just a few essentials with us. Builders, structural engineers, removalists, electricians, phone and internet companies, real estate agents, stickybeaks and, of course, insurance companies all ensued.

At present we have all our equipment installed in a lovely new office, but it’s chock-a-block with boxes and bits of furniture, and we’re still waiting for the intricate jigsaw that is our office to be put back together. We are in our second week of total chaos, but we can see a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it’s only the faintest glow.

The collapse of the concrete happened on a weekend, so we were extremely lucky to have escaped it. What are the odds? I cannot bear to think about what a life-changing event this could have been. I am simply thankful and wondered if we really do have an angel watching over us.

So there you have it. We are lucky and are now enjoying new shiny bright offices with very solid ceilings. On a more positive note, I’m really pleased to see that the Mayan prophecy about the end of the world didn’t come true (what a waste to have expended all that effort to get gr back up and running if it were true!) and that we have another great year of reading to look forward to.

Did you find any books especially for you under the Christmas tree?


7 responses to “Dodgy ceilings, pole dancing and of course books

  1. Phew! That could have been tragic – imagine if you were in the office with that lot crashing down! (No doubt the thought has crossed your minds). You must be amazingly adaptable to finish the year from your homes, scattered around Sydney. Good luck with the new year – you deserve it. Cheers, Pris.

  2. Oh but what a horror story. The people of Christchurch will feel every bit of it with you. Best take a lotto ticket!

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