Animal Reads

Animals. They live all around us and with us (if you’re Baxter you enjoy a king size bed), and they even seem to write books for us too!

Remember Me Cheeta? Cheeta was Johnny Weismuller’s co-star in Tarzan. How Cheeta wrote this book is beyond me. Maybe he dictated it? Anyway, I gave it a go but can’t say I got very far in before giving up. And now Uggie the star of the film The Artist is bringing out his biography. Now, I love Uggie, but I’m not sure I can read his book after the Cheeta experience.

Even though I struggle with non-fiction books that are ‘written’ by animals I do enjoy fiction featuring animals. One of my most favourite books when I was a teenager was Duncton Wood by William Horwood. The characters are moles. I’ve never seen a mole but I can remember Bracken and Rebecca so clearly even now and still get a sense of the excitement I felt when joining Bracken on his adventures. And of course Watership Down by Richard Adams. I came to that book a little later in life and I still think Duncton Wood is better but I think I could be a little anti-rabbit. And who could forget Firmin by Sam Savage. If you haven’t read that one I’d highly recommend it. Firmin is a rat and it may just change your opinion of this hairy little rodent. And for kids you can’t go past the The Tale of Despereaux by Kate Dicamillo. But don’t just let the kids read about this brave little mouse, make sure you read it yourself, as it’s worth it.

Seems to be a small furry theme. Where are all the novels featuring big animals?

Don’t forget that Monday is review day here at Good Reading. We’ll be writing about the books we’ve been reading this month and giving a few lines of a review. We hope you’ll join in and do the same.

And the office news? There’s been a promotion at Good Reading. Baxter has now been promoted to security. Woe behold anybody in a fluorescent vest who tries to come into this office!

And the garden news? I’ve eaten all the lettuces! Time to join the Digger’s Club I think … Can you grow corn on a veranda?


One response to “Animal Reads

  1. Animorphs is teeming with large animals – gorillas and tigers and bears, oh my! – and there’s even a lion, not to mention various North American birds of prey. Granted, it’s humans who change into animals, but that surely counts? There’s also a large cast of aliens and some hard-hitting moral dilemmas.
    The Silver Brumby is another great children’s series about animals. I’ve never read Redwall, but apparently it’s good as well. Can’t think of any adults’ books atm, though “Water for Elephants” comes to mind.

    Why someone would “write” a book from the perspective of their pet I have no idea. Aren’t there better things to do in life?

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