Why Reading Books is Good for You

Happy Mental Health Day! To celebrate, we think we should should promote the fact that reading books is very good for your state of mind and overall mental health. Maybe we will encourage more people to read books. And that can only be a good thing.

So why is reading good for you?

Because it:

  • takes your mind off your problems. You get to go to another place, far away from your worries and cares …
  • can make you laugh and that feels good
  • can make you cry, and that is not a bad thing
  • calms and relaxes you (except, maybe, if you’re reading a thriller. But if you were feeling bored and depressed, a thriller can help lift you out of that state of mind!
  • helps you sleep (it does with me, anyway)
  • helps you learn and educate yourself so you’re better informed. Being better informed helps you with all kinds of things, from finding it easier to talk to people and make new friends, to helping you to skill up and get a better job.
  • saves you money … well, it’s good value for money anyway. Compare a movie ticket to the price of a book!
  • provides topics for conversation with other people
  • is just plain enjoyable!

Any others you can add?

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