And the winners are …

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition.

All names have been in a hat, jumbled around … and the winners are ….

Mel from who won the copy of Rook.

and Dianna Maiorana, who has won a copy of Trust Your Eyes.

Please email me your address details and I’ll organise the books to be sent you asap! (

I read today that Kevin Rudd’s brother has written an e-book. You may have thought he’d write a tell-all tale of life with the past Australian PM but it’s a good old sci-fi tale instead. Kevin seems to be able to stay in the news no matter what!

We’ve just put our November issue to bed. It’s spinning around the printing machines as we speak, with the ink still wet on the page. The online edition is being prepared and you’ll be pleased to know that a special version for the iPad is in the works.

I’ve started reading Indira Naidoo’s book The Edible Balcony. She is so inspiring. After tasting food that was home-grown she vowed to start to grow her own. But she didn’t have a back yard, just a 13th-floor balcony. Undeterred, she successfully grew many kilos of fresh food in that tiny space. If she can, then maybe I can too! I only have lettuces, English spinach and eggplants at the moment. But I have two verandas, so I think I can fit a lot more in. My aim is to eat only what is in season. So over the next few weeks I will be laying out a plan for what to grow, and where, for summer through to spring next year. Then I can sit on my veranda garden, nibble, and read. Bliss.

3 responses to “And the winners are …

  1. Have recently read this book myself and thoroughly enjoyed it! Her writing style is so easy and natural that it was like having her in the room with me while we had a chat/cooked something delicious/ate a meal/had some afternoon tea or worked together in the garden. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys growing their food or would like to have a go!!

    P.S. What do I have to do to ‘Like This’? I clicked on the blue star icon under the photo of the book, to be the first to like this, and it brought up a couple of empty boxes????

  2. Indira’s book is definitely an inspiration for those with small spaces. And her Chicken Curry recipe is super yummy!

  3. Oh, that book looks interesting. You’d still need a fair bit of patience… though who knows, insta-gardening might take off soon 😉

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