You could win!

Friday is competition day at gr. Today we are giving away eight copies of Fishing for Tigers by Emily Maguire on our facebook page. Head over to enter if you’re keen.

But we also have a special blog competition just for you too!

You could win a copy of …

  Rook by Jane Rusbridge


 Trust Your Eyes by Linwood Barclay

Which one would you like to win?

Simply post a comment with a mention of the book you’d like to win (yes, you can enter for each book) and we’ll pick two random winners on Monday. Good luck!

72 responses to “You could win!

  1. I would like to read Rook, because I’m quite a fan of black birds…being a gargoyle, they fit in with my gothicky personality. I would equally like to read any book called Crow or Raven or even Blackbird, but since you’re offering Rook, that is what it will have to be. Then I may review it. Or at least muse about it.

  2. I know nothing of either book, so going by cover alone, I’d love the book ‘Rook’ please, if I’m lucky 🙂

  3. Trust Your Eyes by Linwood Barclay; reading the synopsis makes my mind go to “The rear window”…sounds intriguing.

  4. Were you deliberately going for a bird theme with these books? Both of them have flying birds on the cover.

  5. Trust your eyes…. Second week of school holidays has just started in WA and Im in need of some Imaginative escape…

  6. I would love to win Rook. Somehow it seems right that the heroine plays the cello – the whole novels seems to have a deep, rich sound to it – with a melancholic undertone.

  7. I would also love to win Trust Your Eyes. I am always fascinated by the role of the eye and the act of seeing in thriller books and movies.

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