Want to join us?

So we know you love books. And you know we love books too! So how about we all share?

The first Monday of November we’ve made review day. We are going to post some book reviews (just a couple of lines each) from some of us at gr . We’d like you to join in by posting a comment with your own review.

Are you in?

Here are the rules …

Rule 1: The review can be no longer than three sentences. Keep it short please.
Rule 2: You have to give it a gr star rating as follows:

1 star – Disappointing
2 stars – Worth a look
3 stars – A good read
4 stars – Highly recommended
5 stars – Outstanding

You can have half stars if you choose.

Rule 3:  You have to be honest.
Rule 4: Even if you didn’t like the book, be gentle, balanced and constructive.
Rule 5: Find another book to read!

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