Book awards, more tempting?

So who will win the Booker Prize this year? These awards increase the level of awareness and inevitably the sales of the winning book, so it’s something celebrated by authors and publishers. Nothing like a bit of publicity! But it makes we wonder … How many of you might be inclined to purchase the book, based on the fact that it has won an award? Does it make you want to read it more?

Our October issue has hit the stores and is in the hands of subscribers. For those of you who may not read the magazine, here’s a tempter. This issue we have a bit of a travel theme going: from the bustling streets of Hanoi, to the food mecca of Barcelona, to the icy white world of Antarctica. Travel and books go together. You can be inspired by the food of a place, or experience another person’s excitement when they move to and immerse themselves in a far-flung culture, or think how adventurously crazy some people are, who go to places you would never visit and do things that you would never do. But then again you can, but from the safety of your armchair, of course.

I’m just about to start a new travel narrative by Dominic Dunne which should be a hoot. I am sure to have itchy feet after finishing it.

Since the September issue of gr I’ve travelled a little too, although it was by car and only a few hours away. It was Baxter who made me do it. He’s a city dog and that has its benefits but also its drawbacks, so I could see he needed some of his own work-life balance medicine. So off we headed down south to a dog-friendly strip of sand. Upon our arrival a whopping storm hit with gale force winds. For some people this might create glum faces but not for me: I was rubbing my hands with glee. Out came the pile of books, on went my ugg boots, and the fire crackled as I flopped into a lounge with a view. And not even foul weather will keep an Irish terrier and his owner from the beach. When the sun finally peeped through the clouds we headed straight out to the yard: onto an outdoor lounge to read in the sun for me and onto grass for Four Legs, where he would assume his favourite position of lying on his back with his legs in the air. It was a wonderful time and so very therapeutic for a book lover, to lie in the sun and read. The simplest things become so valuable. Finally, the chance to close my eyes and listen to the birds and the surf. All unforgettable.

Here’s to work-life balance!

6 responses to “Book awards, more tempting?

  1. There are times that it does make me want to read it, but not always. Sometimes the comments accompanying the short list encourages me to read them.

  2. It certainly helps when choosing a children’s book – particularly for those who don’t spend much time reading in that area and are suddenly called upon to buy a gift or some such. In terms of general fiction, it may be a scale-tipper if I have been swayed by the blurb and it looks like it has potential.

  3. I’m more interested in longlist’shortlist, which gives me an idea, or tell me some unknown names that I otherwise would not have known. I also check year’s end best book lists in some newspaper like the Guardians and New York Times.

  4. Haha…. I’m more interested in your work/life balance Rowena, than the Booker Prize. It sounds lovely, and probably far more satisfying 🙂

  5. Generally, I find the award winners very overrated, all very well to win a prize for writing, but a good story is sacrificed in the meantime. Any I have read I have really struggled with. subsubjessubjective.qlqualified

  6. As Janine said, the problem I have with the Booker Prize is that it’s far too pretentious & slice-of-life for me. Too often those sort of books aim to be Literature and end up producing stories/plots that I don’t find very entertaining or thought-provoking. I tend towards the YA/kids’ books, myself, though.

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