Speaking of sequels!

Stephen King has announced that he has written the sequel to The Shining which will be published in September next year. It’s called Doctor Sleep and is the story of Danny, who managed to survive the Outlook Hotel. Can you believe The Shining was written 36 years ago? King has an impressive career. I am not much of a horror reader but I have read some of his books. It was one that I could not finish. The image of a clown peering out at me from the drain gave me the creeps so much that I stopped reading. But he can really write well and is the master of suspense. I remember the movie of Misery. Oh those poor ankles! ‘That’ scene (I can’t talk about it still) had me squirming in my seat! I can’t think of many other books that would have me looking over my shoulder. I tip my hat to a master writer.

I wonder though with Doctor Sleep, who would star in the movie? Jack Nicholson gave an unforgettable performance in The Shining. Who will play the now adult Danny?


3 responses to “Speaking of sequels!

  1. OMG I remember reading The Shining in bed one night in the 1980s and the scene with the woman in the bath scared me so much I just shut the book and stuck my head under the covers!

  2. Pet Sematary (is that the way you’re supposed to misspell it?) is an SK favourite of mine. The movie was great, too, with Fred Gwynne in it. He used to play Herman Munster on The Munsters. He has the face of a born undertaker – perfect for the role!

  3. What great news! I love Stephen King’s writing and feel in recent times he has recaptured that brilliance he had in the early days. Another one to add to my list to look out for 🙂

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