Nope, I can only do one at a time

Yesterday I had to go to the hairdresser. Blokes reading this might roll their eyes, but I had a three-hour appointment. As much as I love a chat with the hairdresser, I look forward to having three hours of mostly reading. So I always take a book with me. Trouble was, this time I forgot to bring it!

What to do? Such a dilemma! ‘Grab another one,’ someone said. Start a new book? Uh-uh, no can do. I can only read one at a time. How do people read multiple books at the same time? I can possibly understand it if one of them is non-fiction, like a gardening book – something you can dip in and out of. But two or more novels on the go? I think I would possibly lose interest in one and never finish it, or I might find a character running amok in another story. My plots would start to entwine and I would not know where I left off and where to restart.

How about you?

Tomorrow Alesha, our editorial whiz, is interviewing Kate Morton. We’re very excited. We very much enjoyed her new book, which is coming out in November, so that’s one to look forward to. Great to see such a successful Australian author. She seems to have it all. Makes me want a fringe!

P.S. Life with Baxter Superdog and wigglebottom goes on. I gave him a haircut on the weekend too. I took a pair of scissors to him, as clippers scare him. He looks like a newly shorn lamb, except he’s a fluffy shade of red instead of white. Tee hee.


6 responses to “Nope, I can only do one at a time

  1. I can easily read multiple books at the same time, but I do understand those that prefer not to. Good luck to Alesha for the Kate Morton interview, she’s one of my fav Aussie authors, and I can’t wait to read her new book. Hope the interview is for a feature article in the magazine.

  2. Usually have a minimum of two or three non fiction and two novels on the go at any one time. I read different works in different places at different times of the day.

  3. Alesha just told me she has a train book, and a lunchtime book! They are really different so she doesn’t get confused. I can see how that might work. But still not sure I can manage it 🙂
    Kate Morton is our cover feature for our November issue.

  4. I can only do two books if, as you say, one is non fiction. Otherwise I just lose interest in the weaker of the two novels until I finish the other – then I either go back to the weaker novel or just give up on it.

    Ooh! Kate Morton! I wonder when that’s out here in the UK…

  5. I’m like you one at a time. Once I was reading a crime book and listening to a crime audio book in the car at the same time and got confused with what characters belonged where!!! Now I listen to a different genre book to the one I am reading, now no confusion. If I read multiple ones I would feel like I never finished anything.

  6. Always got two books on the go at once, but they must be two different types of book, or else I have problems. I usually have a light fiction novel by the bed, don’t like to get too involved with plot and characters before bedtime, and something with more detail or non fiction by my reading chair in the family room. And Kate Moreton has become a favourite of mine, I’ve really enjoyed her other books, and am looking forward to this one 🙂

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