Loving Cookbooks

It’s amazing how many cookbooks I have collected over the years. And it’s also amazing how many now I don’t open. I tend to go back to my favourites more often than browse through the less used ones. My favourites are Neil Perry’s The Food I Love. This man is a food god. I love just about everything he does. Another is Charmaine Solomon’s Asian Cookbook. Her curries, well you have to eat them to really understand just how much flavour they have. And call me old fashioned but I still regularly use a range of the old Women’s Weekly cookbooks on barbecues etc.

We interviewed a chef, Phillip McMillan, for our October issue, and he said he would never allow splatters of food on the pages of his cookbooks. No writing or folding down the edges of the pages. He would be shocked to see mine. Some recipes I have often cooked have had to have their pages pried back open!

One response to “Loving Cookbooks

  1. I have over 100 cookbooks, and although I must be honest and say, yes I tend to go to the same old favourite ones, I do love to sit and look through the others, and occasionally I’ll find something new and never seen before!

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