Did you know ….

I read a really interesting article in the Guardian about ownership of books recently. Did you know that if you purchase books, or music for that matter, from Apple that you only own it for the rest of your life? So once you die you no longer own it and your relatives and friends can’t inherit it. I found this really outrageous. When I die, my home, and the things in it, will be the only representation of who I was. My books speak volumes about me. As does my music. They are both a huge part of my life. If I could no longer pass books that I felt were special on to anyone, I would feel really cheated. This surely has to be changed. I am an advocate for e-books, but unfortunately this is a good reason not to purchase them. What do you think?

On a lighter note, I’ve been back in the garden again. It’s amazing how many plants you can fit into a small urban garden. I planted new shrubs along the back fence of my house this weekend. They are a variegated style of pittosporum, and I’m hoping they’ll grow quickly so as to hide the fence. I can make a hedge of them, which will make more things I can do in the garden, so I’ll be happy. I have agapanthas planted underneath, but they have been squashed by Hairy Legs. He took great joy in lying on them. I once found the bones of a dog hidden in the garden when I was digging. I’ve found these all over the backyard, so many a faithful friend has obviously been buried there before. I was a bit distressed to discover Baxter chewing on a leg bone. I found it a bit gross, and he wasn’t so happy with me when I exchanged it for a treat.

I’m still reading The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared. I am enjoying it more now. I just wish I could stay awake longer to read more!


2 responses to “Did you know ….

  1. That’s outrageous, if we buy e-books or music, we should be able to pass them on when we pass on. On the other hand, I guess Apple is trying to restrict the sharing of files and drawing the line somewhere. Interesting debate.

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