Baxter’s in da house!

Have you met Baxter? He works hard as the work-life balance supervisor here at Good Reading. He is very good at his job. He often comes up to one of us with a toy in that rather large mouth of his. How can anyone resist those deep brown pools of eyes peering over a well-loved (when you have big teeth and you ravage something with love then there’s going to be the odd patch-up required!) fluffy stuffed animal or bouncy ball? We sometimes get a gentle nudge if it’s time to go outside.

We decided to build him a doghouse from the books we have. We made a sign and decorated it with some of his favourite things. It looks wobbly but it is really very sturdy. Baxter thought this was pawsome and immediately shifted in.

I thought you might like to see.

Can you guess how many books we used to build his house? There’s a fun competition on our Facebook page if you can figure it out, and there are prizes to win!

I am reading The One Hundred Year Old Man who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared. I have to say I found the character descriptions a tad annoying to begin with, as they repeated them each time they talked about a character. But I struggled through and thankfully it improved a lot last night. I even laughed out loud! So I’m on the road again …

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