My first blog

Well hello! Welcome to my first blog. This is where I hope to keep you up to date with what’s happening at Good Reading, as well as give you a little insight into my life as a reader (and food, wine, garden and dog lover). I love feedback, so please feel free to comment!

After a busy month we are in the final days of preparing the October issue of Good Reading for press. Last week the proofer was here, reading every page and looking for errors or other problems. Each page is read by three people, but it’s amazing how many things you don’t notice. And it’s interesting that each person brings different skills to the proofing process. For me, I can easily spot an extra space between words. This permeates every part of my reading life. For example, I am really annoying when reading menus at a restaurant. I can’t help but comment to anyone I’m with on the extra spaces between the names of dishes. Friends roll their eyes and family just nod. I also have refined my skills when looking at a page to make sure little words don’t hang off the end of lines, like an ‘of’ or an ‘I’, so it’s all easy to read and easy on the eye. Our trusty deputy editor, Tim, is a whiz at grammar. So we all complement each other. Tomorrow we’ll spend the day with the designer, going over each page all over again, correcting any little problems we have found. Then it’s sent off to the printer via the internet! Sounds so simple, but it takes us 3–4 weeks from receiving the copy to handing it over to the printer.

This weekend I dived back into the gardening books before heading off to the nursery. I love to browse through gardening books, looking at the plants I’d love to grow. Although so many don’t  suit where I live, as they only grow in the alps or dry desert, not on a little city patch. I always find this time of year that I have a spring in my step (pardon the pun), so I gave Baxter a chewy treat and headed off in the little red zoom mobile to the local nursery. I couldn’t wait to get my hands in the dirt and and bring a new zest to my outdoor rooms. I felt like I had boundless energy. I have been inspired by my high-energy, go-get-’em neighbours to grow some vegetables. In a small sunny garden they have managed to grow corn, zucchini, broccoli, spinach, rhubarb, cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes, every herb under the  sun and more. I see them out there gathering their vegies for dinner that night and I turn a shade of green. So I potted up baby spinach, lettuce and eggplant on my veranda. The go-get-’em neighbours have had slugs on their spinach, so they put little cups in the ground and filled them with beer. They had over 50 slugs drink themselves to a merry end in a very short period of time.

On Sunday we celebrated Dad’s Day by him coming over to drill holes in some old pots that needed revitalising. Sorry, Dad, about the finger you almost drilled through. Hope it heals soon!

3 responses to “My first blog

  1. Love the blog – reading about gardening and then getting seriously dirty following some (or at least a few) of the instructions is one of life’s great joys. And its almost as fun to stand back afterwards with a beer in hand and proudly survey the rewards of your labours whilst nursing a scrape or two. Can’t wait to see what else is growing in your little patch.

    PS. Those neighbours sound fab!

  2. This must be so exciting for you, a new stepping stone! I shall be reading, and wish you luck and lots of fun. I have often thought it would be nice to Do a Blog. I suppose it’s really just another form of Journal writing, maybe you will be my trigger 🙂

  3. I often find a lot literature works translated from other language to English are very good, eg, crime writers from Nordic countries. Is it possible to see more of these on Goodreading? Happy blogging.

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